Do you have an account minimum?

Yes. I am interested in helping anyone become successful in financial goal setting, however I do have to be cost effective in running my practice.

Do you offer a no obligation consultation?

Yes. I offer a one-hour no obligation consultation in my office. You do not need to bring your checkbook. It would be a good idea to bring account statements, brokerage and investment statements, tax returns, insurance policies, and estate planning documents with you to the meeting. We can use the time to see if my services will benefit you and if that is the case we will come to an agreement as to the costs of services and scheduling of meetings.

How are you compensated?

I am compensated by commissions and referrals. Commissions come from any product I might recommend. You are not obligated to act on any of my recommendations. 


If you are happy with my services, I would expect that you would be an advocate for my practice.

What about my Privacy?

A Privacy Notice is given to you at your first meeting. Your privacy is protected and all records are safeguarded. I do not share your information without your written permission. This practice includes relatives, attorneys, accountants, etc.