Financial Planning Video – Variable Annuities


Dale Payne is a Financial Adviser out of Colorado Springs. In this video, Dale will discuss the viabilities of using “Variable Annuities” in your retirement plan, and specifically the tax deferral aspect of them. Before you make an investment, request a prospectus. If you’re dealing with a financial advisor like Dale Payne, you should request an ADV-2 prior to engaging that service. Annuities can be a powerful tool to any retirement plan, and can be used as a qualified plan like an IRA or a 403-B. They can also be used as non-qualified, which means you can put any amount in it. It grows just like an IRA and is tax deferred. You can make the decision on when to take it out. It is a powerful way to accumulate money and strong asset to retirement planning. Tax deferral fits in all retirement plans as well.

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