Long Term Care – A Solution for Families

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In today’s world kids are geographically dispersed. When the problem arises about mom or dad what is to be done? The job of taking care of a parent usually falls on one child. This can create resentment and division in a family.

I have a simple answer in practice. The kids can buy a long term care policy and split the costs among themselves monthly. In my own family my mother in law was aging. The children were all geographically dispersed and had their own children. The kids included included a lawyer, a psychiatrist, and only one child lived in the same town. I suggested that all 8 of us split the cost of a good policy. Don’t get me wrong. The kids are always at her side. The difference is that she has had competent and needed care in the best of places. She is today residing in an assisted living place and she is happy.

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